What is QMF Fitness?

QMF Fitness stands for (Q) Quintessential (M) Movements of (F) Functional Fitness.

We Pride ourselves on creating genuine relationships with our clients that are based on integrity. Working from an inside out approach, changing not only the physical appearance, but the confidence of one's self. QMF Fitness is committed to delivering supreme services for an affordable price point! Covering all aspects of fitness.



Before anything physical, your mentality has to be set towards the desired outcome! We focuses on the development of self confidence in a person because that is a vital aspect in complete change! Change starts with the mind, so gear the mind around success and change will occur!

Discipline & Consistency!

Any sort of transformational success is derived from Consistency and Discipline. Without the two, you're only wasting your time! 

Resistance Training - Whether your goal is to put on size, build lean body mass or lose weight! you need to have a PLAN OF ACTION (POA). A well rounded resistance training program will be provided geared specifically to your desired fitness goals! 

Weight Loss Transformation

Build Size & Strength

Tighten and Tone 

Build Physique

Flexibility & Mobility Training - ANY and EVERYBODY can benefit from Mobility and Flexibility training. These two factors will increase the quality of function which will decrease risk of injury!

Self Myofacial Release - Foam Rolling, Manual Rolling

PNF Stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular facilitation) 

Mobility Training - Increasing your functional status


Athletic Training - Athletes demand a completely different style of training which involve complicated movements that need to be taught properly! 

Specific training and Programing for your sport! (Cleans, Squat, Dead Lifts, Bench)

Corrective Exercise & Stretching (Dynamic, Static, PNF)

Reactive Agility, Strength and Explosive Training

Boot Camps - Are you looking for a challenge that uses every muscle in your body? If so try bootcamp out for size and experience a great workout!

Great way to challenge and train the full body! 

Build Lean Muscle Mass

Burn Fat & Tone up

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results

Nutritional Meal Plans - You are only as good as the fuel that you put into your body! Your nutrition dictates 75-80% of your transformation, let alone how you function. Take control of your health and fitness goals by parring a great exercise program with a custom meal plan and become fully equipped!

Custom structured meal plans. (Macronutrient tailored)

Take the guessing out of results and make a lifestyle out of it! 

Changing A Life One Day at A Time.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis